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Dear Friend:

Have you accumulated significant financial assets and begun to feel that your assets are now managing you?  Do you experience a gnawing sense that your financial house has become overwhelmingly complex and lacks clear focus and direction?  Do you find it difficult to get answers to your financial questions (or difficult to even clearly formulate what your questions really are)?  Have you wished you could find a trusted professional advisor who could be, as the old Gershwin favorite put it, “Someone To Watch Over You”? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, you may be ready for an innovative new approach to personal financial management.  Wealth Acumen, Inc. is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Adviser (part of the smallest and fastest growing segment of the financial planning industry).  We bring focus and simplicity to your life by helping you discover your innermost heart’s desire and building a sound financial strategy to allow you to get what you really want out of life.  During times of uncertainty, you may then feel confident in your future because your investments are prudently positioned and are specifically structured to accomplish your lifestyle goals.  And your progress is periodically monitored and coached by an experienced professional advisor who thoroughly understands your goals, has keen insights as to how to accomplish them and guides you with unbiased, objective advice formulated with your best interests in mind.

If this sounds like the kind of relationship you would like to have with your financial advisor, I personally invite you to contact us to find out more about Wealth Acumen’s services.  We would be delighted to answer any questions you may have and help you determine if our services are a good fit for you.

Sincerely yours,

Scott A. Campbell, ChFC®, CPA

Founder and CEO

Wealth Acumen, Inc.

Parker, Colorado


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Wealth Acumen, Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser in Colorado.